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When You design Your product functionality the agile way, sooner or later You come to the User Story format, once defined by Mike Cohn.

You will find several combinations of who, what, why together with non-functional requirements (“contraints”) once You start defining. You can manage this by spreadsheet or several other supporting software like JIRA or Trello.
Challenge: not fast enough to keep track in interviews with orderers, stakeholders or users.


There is a solution: the USG

Just flap leaves to where You need it.
Discussing all actions of a certain role to meet one goal?
> flap over only the action stripe of the story and note the object which is to be operated on

GoLive of the upcoming release?
> You need to state contraints only once like Browser-Matrix or range of responsiveness (lowest flap)

Your solution is used by several clients with different role definitions?
> Most of what You need is already at hand. Just flap over the upper stripe (“in my role as”)

Just record by photo or by referencing the stripe-IDs (“B-L-T” for example).
Once You are returned to Your desk, You can put down the complete story without a hurry.
No one is waiting for Your recording within the meeting.


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