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up2U – 2DO Workshop

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There is a lot more behind satisfying customer’s demands.
There is an organization heading to fulfillment.

This organization needs to cope with challenges of an ever-changing environment.
Nowadays this is called “agile”. From a more general perspective it can be called “life”, also.

You will get the basic tools and practices to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Not only in Business context, but in interaction with life itself.

Two experienced moderators will facilitate this workshop.

Björn is
Your guide in finding and utilizing the rhythm of Your environment.

Alexander is
Your guide in identifying and applying universal patterns to arising co-operation.

Together they
implement and improve Your core abilities to work with Your Organisation, instead struggling against it.

At the end of this workshop, You will be able to use Your available ressources for identifying what is right and approach it the successful way.


Designed for 5 up to 10 participants.


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