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You can also invite me as particpant at Your event.

Speech, workshop-session, moderation, panel discussion, interview?
You can get all this – based on experience in public appearance of about 20 years.

Avaliable languages: German, English


Where is the difference to a workshop attended by 10 people?
Shorter time, session focus, higher number of participants, less personal.

Therefore, personal value for audience is lower.
My personal benefit is higher.
I.e conference participatiuon, which means getting in touch with more people

Therefore, price is lower than for a personalized workshop.


Travel costs are encapsulated into five package variants:

  1. local – around 1h of travel one direction. Examples: Leipzig, Halle, Erfurt, Jena, Gera
  2. same day – max. 4h of travel one direction. Examples: Dresden, Berlin, Prague, Wrocław, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt
  3. overnight – travelling to the day before. Examples: Munic, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf
  4. overnight + flight. Examples: Paris, Zürich, Vienna and other metropoles in reach of flight up to 2h
  5. wider Europe. Examples: UK outside London, Ireland outside Dublin, Iberian peninsula, Balkan peninsula, Scandinavia, Baltics, Greece, Turkey

For other destinations: just ask – in case of doubt: red path!


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