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J. Sevriens, Suite pour Tatyana

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Jean Sevriens, born in Holland in 1959, is a very versitale composer and musician. His compositions include orchestral and chamber music works, vocal compositions, argentinian tangos, jazz, concertos, and many pieces for solo instruments.

Jean Sevriens’ “Suite pour Tatyana” is a wonderful example of how the musical traditions from Bach to Piazzolla, from classical to jazz, and from Europe to South America can be masterfully united.

The tenderness and melancholy mood of the “Prelude” seems enticing, while the playful and contemplative “Ballade” invites one to dream. The tone colours and striving of the “Artpeggio” offer a special contrast.

A new dimension of love and affection are opened in the “Berceuse” and the dramatic finale of the composition in “Mouvement” is full of fervour, struggle and despair.

This composition could be compared to life: unique and multi-faceted, while its diversity moves everyone who hears it.

The Video of this piece is also presented by Tatyana Ryzhkova on Youtube:


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