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Martin Sasse Trio feat. Vincent Herring — Close Encounter

Martin Sasse — Piano
Henning Gailing — Bass
Hendrik Smock — Drums
Vincent Herring — Alto Saxophone

“There was a time when there was a big gap between the level of American musicianship and that of the rest of the world. But all that has changed. Today you find excellent players everywhere. I really enjoyed this session – the trio has a great feeling for the music and a flair for interpreting it expressively. And they admire the same area of the jazz spectrum as I do. This is not the normal routine form of jazz – there are some really innovative elements. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”  Vincent Herring

“It was an inspired idea to unite the abundant and homologous talents of Vincent Herring and the Martin Sasse Trio – a fact to which this album bears eloquent testimony… Jazz has often been described as “the art of surprise” and this album offers a number of unpredictable, unexpected moments which add great vitality to the music… ‘Close Encounter’, the product of the meeting of highly compatible musical minds, is a most satisfying album, full of well-conceived ideas, inspired solo work and artistic integrity.” Mike Hennessey 

01 Don’t Let It Go  

02 Blue Herring  
03 Bishop’s Place  
04 Nelson’s Dilemma  
05 I Will Sing You A Lullaby  
06 M.R.’s 12 Bars  
07 Folklore  
08 Over The Rainbow  
09 Groove Machine  

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