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Martin Sasse Trio feat. Peter Bernstein — A Groovy Affair

Martin Sasse — Piano
Henning Gailing — Bass
Hendrik Smock — Drums
Peter Bernstein — Guitar

„Mr. Sasse is a full service pianist with good compositional ideas and solo motives. Very superb playing. Ditto for his support.“ Allaboutjazz.com

Another set from the ‚jazz wunderkind‘ from Europe. Enjoy the Martin Sasse Trio with New York’s no. 1 guitar player Peter Bernstein of the Larry Goldings Trio.  

01 A Groovy Affair  
02 Winter Waltz  
03 Search For Love  
04 Blues 4 H & H  
05 Clear The Dex  
06 Nightbirds  
07 Body And Soul  
08 There`s A Small Hotel  
09 The Modal Thing No. 2

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