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Kalima ~ Kalima

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Sascha Ley – Vocal
Laia Genc – Piano
Anne Kaftan – Saxophon, Klarinette

„A kaleidoscope of syllables with the wanderlust effect. Elegant and velvety vocal jazz, sometimes unrestrainedly playful, sometimes elaborately constructed acrobatics (…) enriched by softness and the ethnical compound.“ Journal (LU)

„Coup de cœur pour Kalima. From the first note onwards one feels some alchemy at work here. The Trio’s delightful and original sound creations invade the senses…The approach of these three brilliant female musicians with their highly elaborate lyrics is surprisingly unconventional. Each track surpasses the last one in its display of courage, passion, wit, freshness – and a certain other – worldliness. The sensuality of their artistic expression makes this performance so wonderfully confusing that it simply takes one’s breath away. One feels strongly tempted to pack one’s bag in order to follow these three enticing ladies on their musical trip through the summer.“ Sudouest (FR)


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