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We hope you will love everything that you order from us, but don’t worry if something isn’t quite right, you have 14 days to return, or to exchange the same item for a different product (as long as it is the same price or lower). The terms apply as soon as you receive the instructions.
We’ll give you a full refund (or difference, if any, in the case of exchanges) by the same method you used to pay, and all we ask is that items are returned clean, unworn and have no traces of usage. Please note that external items can only be returned if they are unused and in their original packaging.

The return notes go to:
Johanne Mohr
Tandelmarktgasse 10/7

1020 Wien

We will let you know when we receive and approve your return. Then we’ll confirm and send the item you would like in exchange or issue a refund by the same payment method as your order. If the product was in the expected state, you pay the return costs. All payments back to your account will be conducted within 30 days from the date of the return announcement.


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