About Oliver fauser

It’s all about Styrodur, well most of the time…

Oliver Fauser was born in July 1965 in Lörrach, Germany, on the boarder to Basel in Switzerland. He is a single father of two grown up sons.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s he traveled all over the world, lived in various cities such as New York, Milan and Hamburg. He toured with various New Yorker Musical-productions and German plays all over Europe. After a yearlong intermezzo in the film industry in Cologne he decided to return to the Black Forest in 1998.

Since 1986 he has been the singer/ songwriter with the band “The Moonchildren” and is still recording music to this day.

Oliver began painting in the early 1990’s after the birth of his first son. In 2005 he started full-time painting with his present materials. Since then he has produced a large body of work from paintings to three dimensional objects. He is fascinated by texture and it plays a central part in his work, he uses diverse materials such as sand, plastic, gravel, filler, wood, leaves, emulsion, oil and acrylic paint on timbered Styrodur to create often dramatic effects. His inspiration is drawn from a range of subjects from textures in the inorganic such as city paths and wallpapers to the organic like woodlands and nudes.

In 2012 he started to create portraits with the exact same materials he used creating his abstracts. These Pop Art-like works opened a whole new look on his art. Still the same materials, but completely different looks.

In July 2016, Oliver released a new album called FEEL with the Moonchildren. 8 songs and one artwork in a (limited edition of 40) wooden box, and an alternative cardbox-version (limited to 50). You can find them in the „Art&Music Project FEEL„-section.

 ALSO VISIT: www.fauserpaints.com

„I am an abstract expressionist, a nude expressionist, a Styrodur designer, a painting sculpturer and last but not least, I am also a portrayer. I am not trying to give way to my dark sides in my art, my aim is to create harmonic pieces of art that light up a room. I am mixing well planned work with possible accidents, always willing to change and try out new things. Most of my works are created with filler and some paint on Styrodur, and I love the fact that it doesn’t always seem like it.“


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