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Jumping in winter – it´s all about clothing

23. November 2014

Jumping in winter can be very cold – but it´s worth it! Temperatures are normally way lower up there than on the ground but give jumping in winter a chance and you´ll be surprised how amazing the sky feels on less warmer days. The adrenaline streaming through the vessels will help you to forget all the freezing and makes you even more stoked after you landed safely. The good news is it doesn’t require much extra gear to feel comfortable. Just prepare yourself carefully and get for instance some nice and warm underoos. On extremly cold occasions you can even use two Long Johns or add a pair of long socks. Also gloves, no matter if you prefer skydiving gloves, garden gloves or simply a pair of football reciever gloves are essential to keep your body´s temperature upright. A special trick to protect your hands from cold air is wearing a pair of latex gloves underneath the other gloves. Unfortunately your hands will be sweaty but on the other side it cuts off the frosty air for sure! And never ever forget to use some sort of neck warmer like a scarf as most of your body´s warmth is leaving via neck. If you consider all those points and suggenstions a great jump with winter landscape will follow. Besides your canopy will fly and land better in the thicker air and also planes can climb faster. So give it a try and risk a jump in fresh clear air on a bright winter day.



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