Narada .. the Wisdom of India / Parables with Sukumar & Music by Mirek / Audio CD

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One of the methods used in the scriptures to pass spiritual knowledge is through stories and anecdotes.
This is an especially beautiful style to present knowledge since many things that are being presented can not be really be communicated in straight and direct language. So these stories show what needs to be shown while it requires the skill of the listener to receive what it is intended to show and leave the rest behind since no story can completely match was is tried to be presented. A brief introduction will support the listener.

This version is complemented with music by Mirek.

Duration: 61 minutes
Product type: Slim Box

About Narada .. with Music by Mirek

Camels in the desert .. about conditioning


The sick dog.. about our limitations


The vicious cobra .. about applying the knowledge


Art work
Abhinandan, the cousin of Sukumar, was kind enough to permit me the usage of this wonderful painting.


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