Balancing Meditation – from motion to deep body relaxation Yoga Nidra / Audio CD

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The relaxation exercise Balancing Meditation guides you through a sequence of minimal body movements. It utilizes conscious breathing and body awareness methods to enable a relaxed and meditative state of mind.
You are guided by my instructions, previous experience is not necessary.
Spend this time on yourself and enjoy to rest relaxed and calmly in yourself.

 It’s close to impossible to give you a real flavour of the exercise since it’s about experiencing it, about doing it. The sample may help you anyway to get an idea about my voice and the way I guide through the exercise

 You can also use the Balancing Meditation to finish your own Yoga cycle with a guided Yoga Nidra. Omit track 3 to 5 in this case.

Please note:
The exercise Balancing Meditation should not be used by people with heart issues or high blood pressure. Please use the version: Balancing Meditation -Yoga Nidra in this case.

Duration:             60 minutes
Product type:      CD in Slim Box

About Balancing Meditation

This relaxation exercise has its origin in the centuries-old Yoga tradition. The exercise breaks down into the following components. See the booklet for element 2-5:

1    Preparation for Balancing Meditation    (02:31)

2    Instant Relaxation
a method of conscious tensioning is utilized in order to release the worst tensions in the body.
Savasana .. tighten all muscles .. Savasana    (02:42)

3-5  Body in Motion
we continue with simple body exercises (Yoga Asanas) to awaken awareness and to prepare for the more quiet phases of the exercise. We use occasionally sounds to intensify the experience.
Lean forward .. backwards .. to the right .. to the left   (06:37)
Bend right .. the left     (14:14)
Bend forwards .. backwards    (08:18)

6    Abdominal Breathing    (03:25)
we turn the attention towards the breath and use abdominal breathing to calm the breath down and to make it deeper and easier. The breath plays a central role with all relaxation techniques, since conscious respiration is a wonderful method to release tensions.

7    Deliberate Relaxation of the Body  (17:10)
learn to use the power of your mind to deliberately relax the whole body. You move with our attention through all parts of your body, check for tension and release it with the power of our mind.

8    Conclusion with sound bowl  (03:17)


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